Decky Does a Bronco

"Graham Baker is aptly imposing as the strong and athletic O'Neil"

- Deb Miller. DC Metro

"Graham Baker’s O’Neil is the essence of the natural athlete who is cool down to his toes and remains elusive by saying little. His quiet, but swaggering figure implies that he is older than the others, but in fact he is the same age."

-Victor Gluck. Theater Scene


The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

"Graham Baker commands the stage and steals the show in his role of Leaf Coneybear , an eccentric contestant whose every line is amusing, with Graham Baker providing the mannerisms and delivery that maximize the quality of those lines."

- Sean Fallon. Broadway World

"Graham Baker is a great deal of fun as Leaf Coneybear with his big number I'm Not that smart" coming across deliciously."

-Zander Opper. Talking Broadway


Headshots by David Noles